Experience Outside of Processing

I have spent a majority of time during my internship processing collections, but there have been times where I spend a few hours doing other activities around Special Collections. Last week, two other graduate assistants and I spend a couple hours searching through a fairly large unprocessed collection of senatorial papers. It was a bit... Continue Reading →


Margaret Collin & ArchivesSpace Issues

I have completed my last collection of my internship this week. As I only have a total of 5 hours left as Wednesday April 18, there is no way I can start a new collection and finish it in 5 hours. I really enjoyed processing the papers of Margaret Collin. She was a fascinating woman... Continue Reading →

Collection #3

March 19: “Judith Chafee: Breaking Barriers in a Man's World”. This event was a panel discussion with a small reception. Library, Archives, and Museums have similar events often, highlighting their current exhibit, therefore it was important that I get some experience helping with such events. This week I am going to be selecting my third... Continue Reading →


I have finished the Rothrock collection, and it is now titled MS 631 The Swigart Family papers. Because the contents of the collection were primarily correspondence between Esther and her sisters and Esther compiled the collection of letters, it made sense for the sisters family name to be credited for the collection. My advisor had... Continue Reading →

Correspondence Surprises

The second collection I am going to be processing is the Rothrock Collection. This is a small collections, about .5 linear feet, or about one document box. The majority of this collection consists of correspondence and photographs, with a few miscellaneous items. The collection was primarily very neat and organized already. The photographs were already... Continue Reading →

Blog Number 4

I have finally finished the Charles Finney papers. Completing that collections took a lot longer than I expected. Every time I thought I was close to finishing, there was something that I was missing, primarily on ArchivesSpace, that needed to be filled in. This was my first time working with ArchivesSpace in a professional setting.... Continue Reading →

AZ 024: The Charles Finney Papers PT. 2

PROJECT UPDATE: This last week I was able to arrange a bulk of the newly acquired Charles Finney material. Most of the items were correspondence (i.e. letters) and manuscripts, many of which are original typescript of his stories. A few of the manuscripts were actually never published and others are first and second drafts of... Continue Reading →

AZ 024: The Charles Finney Papers

The first collection I am going to process is the Charles Finney Papers, AZ 024. Finney had previously donated a small collection of his papers, but recently Special Collections acquired more material which will considerably enhance the collection. This will be beneficial for researchers and library patrons, providing them a more in depth and detailed... Continue Reading →


Hello! My name is Kristen Cook and I am in my fourth and final semester in the Master of Library and Information Science program at the University of Arizona. Originally from Redondo Beach, California, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where I received my degree in English Literature and a minor in History.... Continue Reading →

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